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Last updated 14th April 2010

'Varieties of Hinshelwood Experience'

by Robert M. Young.

'My Media and Inner World: A Natural History'

by Robert M. Young.

'Sent Before My Time: A Child Psychotherapist’s view of Life on a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by Margaret Cohen published by Karnac Books.

reviewed by Kelly Noel-Smith.

'Looping the Loop: The Choreographing and Pseudo-Poetics of Catastrophe'

by George Blair.

'Redemption and Reparation: Nightmare and Memory in Clinical Practice and in D.M.Thomas's Pictures at an Exhibition'

by Marilyn Charles.

'Cycling to Separation: Perversion of Potential Space'

by George Blair.

'A Note: Who Gets to Be Criticized and Who Doesn't'

by Jean Hantman.

'Reality and Truth in the Politically Correct Organisation: The Case of the Dan Rather Memo Debacle at CBS News'

by Howard S. Schwartz.

'Age of Psychopathy'

by Michael Eigen.

'Melanie Klein and Repression Mechanism: Social and Clinical Influences Apparent From an Examination of Some Unpublished Notes of 1934'

by Robert Hinshelwood.


'A Psychological Understanding of Muslim Terrorism'

by Joseph H.Berke and Stanley Schneider

Summary: This is a psychoanalytic analysis of Muslim terrorism. Commentaries by psychotherapists holding markedly differing views have been invited and will be published in this ejournal when they arrive. Other comments are welcome, either for publication in the ejournal or on the Free Associations egroup


'Projective Identification'

by Robert M. Young


'Intelligent Design'

by Robert M. Young


'The Allure of the Bad Object'

by Eleanor M. Armstrong-Perlman.


'Obesity: How Can We Understand it?

by Em Farrell.


'The Centre and Circumference of Knowledge: The Use of Poetry as a Tool of Countertransference in Organizational Knowing and Consulting'

by Howard F. Stein.


Hosted Writings

of Gouranga P. Chattopadhyay


Pax Americana: An Empire Identity and Psychoanalysis

by Ryan La Mothe Phd.


Freedom and Determinism: The Uncanny in Psychoanalysis and Existentialism

by Stephen LeDrew


150 Years of Freud: The Higher Powers and the Lower Depths

by Robert M. Young


Opinion on Siblings by Juliet Mitchell

by Jean Hantman


Review of Forgotten Lunatics of the Great War by Peter Barham

New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2004. Pp. 451  £19.99/$45 ($37.81 .

by Allan Young






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