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COMPLETE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS BY W.R. BION compiled by  Harry Karnac. Complete Bion Bibliography 2006
Ahumada, J. L. Response to contributions to email discussion of his paper, "Rebirth of the idols: The Freudian unconscious and the Nietzschean unconscious"; IJPA Vol 82 pp 219-235 April 2001.
Ahumada, J. L. Abbreviated presentation of some central ideas from his paper, "Rebirth of the idols: The Freudian unconscious and the Nietzschean unconscious"; IJPA Vol 82 pp 219-235 April 2001.
Audard, C. and Grosz, S.  "Recognition". Spring 2000
Bion, F. (1995): "The Days of Our Years"; Address Mrs Bion gave in April 1994 in Toronto and Montreal, Canada. First published in The Journal of the Melanie Klein & Object Relations Journal, Vol 13, No.1, 1995.
Bion, W. R. (1999): A Seminar held in Paris, July 10th 1978.
Transcribed by Francesca Bion
Bowman, M. (1999): Essay: "The significance of psychoanalysis in modern thought"
BPAS Annual Research Lecture Papers: March 1st 2000:
(1) Fonagy, P. Grasping the Nettle: or Why Psychoanalytic Research is such an Irritant
(2) Britton, R. The Nettle
(3) Richardson, P. Discussion of Ron Britton's and Peter Fonagy's Papers
Brearley, M. (1999): 'Who speaks for psychoanalysis?' The UKCP/ BCP debate
Brearley, M. (2000): , "A Science Suited to its Subject"; The first of two articles replying to criticisms of psychoanalysis
Brearley, M.  (2000): "The Practice of Psychoanalysis"; The second of two articles replying to criticisms of psychoanalysis
Budd, S. (1999): "The Shark Behind the Sofa: The Psychoanalytic Theory of Dreams".  (3 - 4 minute loading time for page for 56k modem) 
Cantlie, A. (2000): "Introductory Remarks: The Therapist's Body", Freud Museum Conference, 21st May 2000.
Cantlie, A. (2002): "Musical Creativity and the Psychopathology of the Composing Mind". Published in a different form in 1997 in the Bulletin of the British Psychoanalytical Society, London. The paper is based on Anthony Cantle's Introduction and chairing of a musical analysis of Robert Schumann's last piano composition 'Gesange Der Frühe'.
Dartington, A. (1980): "W.R. Bion & T.S. Eliot"
Gooch, J. (2002): "Bion's Perspectives on Psychoanalytic Technique"; a shortened version of a paper given as part of a panel held at the 42nd Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association in Nice on the 26th July 2001.
Goldstone, R. (2001): "Crimes Against Humanity - Forgetting The Victims"; The 2001 Ernest Jones Lecture, The British Psychoanalytical Society & Institute of Psychoanalysis, Tuesday 25th September, 2001.
Heimann, P. (1978): "On the Necessity For The Analyst To Be Natural With His Patient", (Extract)
Johns, J. "The Tower of Babel and the ivory tower". May 2000
Lear, J. (1999): "Love and its Place in Nature",
Milton, J., Richardson, P. and Hale, R. (1999) Note on BMJ Editorial
Morgan, M. (1999): "The Projective Gridlock: A Form Of Projective Identification in Couple Relationships". - (Web Version)
Pick, D., & Roper, L. (1999): "Psychoanalysis, Dreams, History: An Interview with Hanna Segal"; History Workshop Journal, Issue No:48 Autumn 1999.
Rayner, E. (1999): "The British Independents: A Brief History", July 1999
Richards, J. (1998): "Differences between the BCP and the UKCP"
Roth, P. (1999): "Freud's Century"
Segal, H. (2000) "The Mind of the Fundamentalist/Terrorist: Not Learning from experience: Hiroshima, the Gulf War and 11 September"
Sinason, M. 'Who is the mad voice inside?' 1993.
Snelling, D. (2000) ''In a cool and scientifically objective spirit: perverting reason and truth in the Freud Case'.
Solms, M. 'The Interpretation of Dreams & The Neurosciences'. March 1999
Steiner, R. (2000): "The (Ir)resistible Lightness of Our Past"
Williams, P. (2001): "Information Technology"; paper given as part of a series of seminars organised by Essex County Council.
Yorke, C. (1999): "Open-ness and Rigidity"

 Archived articles by psychoanalysts: from Institute of Psychoanalysis News & Events Publication
The Guardian series of articles (1996)
Mind and Brain
  "Psychoanalysis & The Brain" Mark Solms (1980)
  Review of M. Solm's "The Neuropsychology of Dreaming" (1997)
         Mary Phillips

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Wilfred Ruprecht Bion, Past & Future

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex

Selected Papers at the CPS Essex web site:
Hinshelwood, R. D.:
The Difficult Patient: The Role of 'Scientific Psychiatry' in Understanding Patients with Chronic Schizophrenia or Severe Personality Disorder
Models of Demoralisation

The Elusive Concept of `Internal Objects' (1934-1943): Its Role in the Formation of the Klein Group

Primitive Mental Processes: Psychoanalysis and The Ethics of Integration

Raphael-Leff, Joan:

Behind the shut door: A psychoanalytic view of intrapsychic & interpersonal effects of premature menopause

Women in the history of psychoanalysis: Issues of gender, generation and the genesis of COWAP

Wilfred Ruprecht Bion. Past and Future
 - Direct links to articles at web site
W.R. Bion - Biography and Bibliography
Links to Other Sites about W.R. Bion
The Bion97 Mailing List
Bion97 Torino Conference Draft Papers
Deocleciano Bendocchi Alves' Transformations and Dreams
The Psychoanalytic Mystic, by Michael Eigen - Introduction
W. R. Bion: Between Past and Future - Introduction
Bion's Legacy To Groups - Introduction
Transformations in "O"


Psyche Matters
 Extensive Collection of Psychoanalytic Papers, Bibliographies and Photos  (not recently revised)

ISPSO - International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations

Extensive Archive of Annual Conference Papers, 1996-

Papers by David Armstrong at the ISPSO web site:    

Emotions in Organisations: Disturbance or Intelligence?

"Psychic Retreats": The Organizational Relevance of a Psycho-Analytic Formulation,

The Recovery of Meaning York/96armstrong.htm

Papers by David Armstrong at the Humjan Relations, Authority and Justice web site:

'The Work Group Revisited: Reflections on the Practice of Group Relations'

'Keep on Moving'

'Making Absences Present: The Contribution of W. R. Bion to Understanding Unconscious Social Phenomena'

‘The Recovery of Meaning’

‘Names, Thoughts and Lies: The Relevance of Bion's Later Writing for Understanding Experiences in Groups’

‘The “Institution in the Mind”: Reflections on the Relation of Psycho-analysis to Work with Institutions’

Eric Trist, The Social Engagement of Social Science:
A Tavistock Anthology,
3 vols.

This extremely valuable collection of classical papers on group and institutional processes, based on work at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, has now been made available on-line in its entirety by Trist's widow.

Historical Overview

CONTENTS - direct links at website
The  Social Engagement of Social Science
Volume I, The  Socio-Psychological Perspective
Eric Trist  and Hugh Murray
Historical  Overview: The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock  Institute
Introduction  to Volume1
A New Social Psychiatry: A World War II  Legacy
Hugh Murray, The Transformation of Selection  Procedures: The War Office Selection Boards
 Harold  Bridger, The Discovery of the Therapeutic Community: The Northfield  Experiments
A. T. M.  Wilson, Eric Trist and Adam Curle, Transitional Communities and  Social Reconnection: The Civil Resettlement of British Prisoners of  War
 Varieties of Group Process
J.D.  Sutherland, Bion Revisited: Group Dynamics and Group  Psychotherapy
Eléonore  Herbert and Eric Trist, An Educational Model for Group Dynamics: The  Phenomenon of an Absent Leader
Eric J.  Miller, Experiential Learning in Groups I: The Development of the  Leicester Model
Eric J.  Miller, Experiential Learning in Groups II: Recent Developments in  Dissemination and Application
 Gurth Higgin  and Harold Bridger ,The Psycho-Dynamics of an Inter-Group  Experience
Harold  Bridger, Courses and Working  Conferences as Transitional Learning Institutions
Gurth Higgin  and Gunnar Hjelholt, Action Research in Minisocieties
Eric J.  Miller and A. K. Rice
Task and Sentient Systems and Their Boundary  Controls
 A.K.  Rice
Individual, Group and Inter-Group Processes
New  Paths in Family Studies
John Bowlby
The Study and  Reduction of Group Tensions in the Family
 Douglas  Woodhouse
Non-Medical Marital Therapy: The Growth of the Institute  of Marital Studies
 Elizabeth  Bott Spillius
Conjugal Roles and Social Networks
Rhona  Rapoport and Robert N. Rapoport
Dual-Career Families: The Evolution  of a Concept
The Dynamics of Organizational  Change
Elliott Jaques
Working-Through Industrial  Conflict: The Service Department at the Glacier Metal  Company
A.K.  Rice
The Use of Unrecognized Cultural Mechanisms in an Expanding  Machine Shop: With a Contribution to the Theory of  Leadership
Elliott  Jaques
On the Dynamics of Social Structure: A Contribution to the  Psychoanalytical Study of Social Phenomena Deriving from the Views of  Melanie Klein
Isabel  Menzies Lyth
Social Systems as a Defense Against Anxiety: An  Empirical Study of the Nursing Service of a General Hospital
Isabel  Menzies Lyth
A Psychoanalytical  Perspective on Social Institutions
Eric Trist,  Gurth Higgin, Hugh Murray and Alexander Pollock
The Assumption of  Ordinariness as a Denial Mechanism: Innovation and Conflict in a Coal  Mine
John Hill  and Eric Trist
Temporary Withdrawal from Work Under Full  Employment: The Formation of an Absence Culture
Fred  Emery
Freedom and Justice Within Walls: The Bristol Prison  Experiment
and an Australian Sequel
The Unconscious in  Culture and Society
Eric  Trist
Culture as a Psycho-Social Process
D. W.  Winnicott
Thoughts on the Meaning of the Word  Dcmocracy
Henry  Dicks
Notes on the Russian National Character
Fred  Emery
Latent Content of Television Viewing
Elizabeth  Bott Spillius
Asylum and Society
The  Social Engagement of Social Science

Volume II, The  Socio-Technical Systems Perspective
Eric Trist  and Hugh Murray
Historical  Overview: The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock  Institute
Eric Trist
Introduction to Volume 2
Shaping a New Field
Eric Trist and  Ken Bamforth
The Stress of Isolated Dependence: The Filling Shift  in the Semi-Mechanized Longwall Three-Shift Mining Cycle
Eric  Trist, Gurth Higgin, Hugh Murray and Alec Pollock
Alternative Work  Organizations: An Exact Comparison
A.K. Rice
Productivity  and Social Organization: An Indian Automated Weaving Shed
Eric  J. Miller
The Ahmedabad Experiment Revisited: Work Organization in  an Indian Weaving Shed, 1953-70
Fred  Emery
Characteristics of Socio-Technical  Systems
Conceptual Developments
Fred  Emery
Designing Socio-Technical Systems for Greenfield  Sites
Fred Emery
The Assembly Line: Its Logic and Our  Future
 Fred Emery
The Second Design Principle:  Participation and the
Democratization of Work
Fred  Emery
Socio-Technical Foundations for a New Social  Order?
Fred Emery
The Historical Validity of the  Norwegian Industrial Democracy Project
Paul Hill and Fred  Emery
Toward a New Philosophy of Management
David (P.G.)  Herbst
Alternatives to Hierarchies
David (P. G.)  Herbst
Designing with Minimal Critical  Specifications
 Louis Davis
The Coming Crisis for  Production Management
Albert Cherns
Principles of  Socio-Technical Design
Eric Trist
Socio-Technical Ideas  at the End of the '70s
Eric Trist
QWL and the  '80s
References for Historical Review
Associated Studies
Gareth  Morgan
Organizational Choice and the New Technology
Lisl  Klein
On the Collaboration Between Social Scientists and  Engineers
Eric J. Miller
Technology, Territory and Time:  The Internal Differentiation of Complex Production  Systems
Strategic Projects
David (P.G.)  Herbst
A Learning Organization in Practice: M/S  Balao
Gerald Susman and Eric Trist
Action Research in an  American Underground Coal Mine
Eric Trist and Charles  Dwyer
The Limits of Laissez-Faire as a Socio-Technical Change  Strategy
Bill Westley and Eric Trist
Socio-Technical  Projects in the Canadian Federal Public Service
Fred Emery and  Einar Thorsrud
The Norskhydro Fertilizer Plant
Trevor A.  Williams
Visual Display Technology, Worker Disablement and Work  Organization
Louis Davis and Stu Sullivan
A New Type of  Labor-Management Contract Involving the Quality of Working  Life
Collaborative Action Research
Fred  Emery
Socio-Technical Unit Operations Analysis
Fred  Emery
The Nine-Step Model
Eric Trist
A  Socio-Technical Critique of Scientific Management
 Fred Emery and  Merrelyn Emery
The Participative Design Workshop
Fred  Emery
Legislating for Quality of Work Life
Hugh  Murray
Socio-Technical Action Simulations for Engaging with  Engineering Designers
Eric Trist
Work Improvement and  Organizational Democracy
Calvin Pava
Nonroutine Office  Work
Eric Trist
Pava's Extension of Socio-Technical  Theory to Advanced Information Technologies
 David Morley and  Eric Trist
A Brief Introduction to the Emerys' "Search  Conference"
 The  Social Engagement of Social Science
Volume 3, The  Socio-Ecological Perspective
Eric Trist  and Hugh Murray
Historical  Overview: The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock Institute to  1989
Fred Emery
Introduction to  Volume III
Formulating the Perspective   GOOD LUCK...Bob
 Fred  Emery and Eric Trist
The Causal Texture of Organizational  Environments
Fred Emery
The Next Thirty Years: Concepts,  Methods and Anticipations
Conceptual  Developments
Fred Emery
Passive Maladaptive  Strategies
Alastair Crombie
Active Maladaptive  Strategies
Fred Emery and Merrelyn Emery
The Extended  Social Field and Its Informational Structure
Fred  Emery
Active Adaptation: The Emergence of Ideal-Seeking Systems,  Referent Organizations and the Development of Inter-Organizational  Domains
Eric Trist
Referent Organizations and the Development of Inter-Organizational
Joseph McCann and John Selsky
Hyperturbulence and  the Emergence of Type V Environments
Oguz Babüroglu
The  Vortical Environment: The Fifth in the Emery-Trist Levels of  Organizational Environments
 Fred  Emery
Educational Paradigms: An Epistemological  Revolution

Fred Emery
Adaptive Systems for Our Future  Governance
Methodological Developments
Fred  Emery
Methodological Premises of Social  Forecasting  
Dorwin Cartwright and Frank Harary
A Graph  Theoretic Approach to the Investigation of System Environment  Relationships
Fred Emery
Causal Path  Analysis
Fred Emery and Merrelyn Emery
Project Australia:  Measuring Ideals in a Nation
David (P. G.)  Herbst
Co-Genetic Logic: A Foundation for Behavior  Logic
West Churchman and Fred Emery
On Various Approaches  to the Study of Organizations
Merrelyn Emery
The Search  Conference: Design and Management of Learning with a Solution to the  "Pairing" Puzzle
Planning and Policy
Russell A.  Ackoff
Systems, Messes and Interactive Planning
John  Friend
Connective Planning: From Practice to Theory and  Back
Fred Emery
Planning for Real but Different  Worlds
Fred  Emery
Policy: Appearance and Reality
Operational  Papers
Eric Trist
The Environment and System Response  Capability: A Futures Perspective
Fred Emery
Industrial  Democracy and Regional Decentralization
Eric  Trist
Quality of Working Life and Community Development: Some  Reflections on the Jamestown Experience
Hans van  Beinum
On Participative Democracy
David (P.G.)  Herbst
Design and Change in Ship Organization
Michel  Chevalier, Fred Carden and Glen Taylor
A Position Statement on  International Development: The Case of Sub-Saharan  Africa
Futures- Probable and Possible
Fred  Emery
Some Observations on Workplace Reform: The Australian  Experience
Howard Perlmutter and Eric Trist
Paradigms for  Societal Transition
Fred Emery
Epilogue: Orillia,  Searching for the Emerging Agenda
Fred  Emery

Joseph Stelzer: New Health Models International





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