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'The Work Group Revisited: Reflections on the Practice of Group Relations' by David Armstrong
'Keep on Moving' by David Armstrong
'VALUE, SOCIAL IDENTITY AND HOUSEHOLD CONSUMPTION PRACTICES: A BULGARIAN CASE STUDY' by Sophie Chevalier: The study of household consumption practices, and more generally, of material culture offers an inside view on social and cultural transformations of societies. This is especially true for Eastern Europe whose countries are living through fundamental changes in economic and ideological orientations. This work in progress is based on an ethnography of a small Bulgarian town. This topic is not new for me, since for a number of years I have carried out a comparative analysis of household consumption in France and Britain.
'Trieste: The Current Situation' by Tim Kendall: In 1978, Law 180 was passed in Italy, which led to the closing of old-style custodial mental hospitals and their replacement by new forms of care in the community. This was the culmination of a movement called Psychiatria Democratica, led by a Trieste psychiatrist, Franco Basaglia. The story of this movement, its history, politics and the current situation are narrated, along with refletcions comparing the Italian situation with that in Britain. This story should be of interest anywhere where the reform of an old-fashioned organization of mental hospitals is under consideration.
Bulgarian Psychiatric Association: Toward the Liberation of Mental Health: A Reform of Bulgarian Psychiatry
Haralan Alexandrov What is Emerging in the 'Newly-Emerging Democracies'? The Case of Bulgaria: A Critique
Paul Hoggett The Internal Establishment

Latest Papers:

Toma Tomov, Nikolai Butorin: 'Views Held by Psychiatrists of their Profession: Are there Differences Between East and West?'
Toma Tomov and Evgueni Guentchev: 'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Victims of Violence'
Toma Tomov, Maya Mladenova, Haralan Alexandrov: 'Psychodynamic Approaches to Training: The Experience of Group Work with Minority Leaders'

Papers from the Conference on Group Relations and Organizational Behaviour, New Bulgarian University, 14 May 1995:

W. Gordon Lawrence: 'The Presence of Totalitarian States of Mind in Institutions'
Robert M. Young: 'Mental Space and Group Relations'

A number of the papers which have grown out of this work have been collected in a book:

David Armstrong, W. Gordon Lawrence and Robert M. Young:
Group Relations: An Introduction

Writings of Professor Toma Tomov

Psychoanalysis in a Post Totalitarian Society
List of Publications in English
Social Violence and the Social Institutions
The Politics of Mental Health in Bulgaria: Is There a Civic Role for Psychiatry?
Ethnic Conflict and Mental Health: An Agenda for the Future
Impact of Political Change in Eastern Europe on the Advancement of Behavioural Sciences and Psychiatry
Institute for Human Relations

Writings of Professor Robert M. Young

Robert M. Young: Racist Society, Racist Science
Robert M. Young and Toma Tomov: Institute for Human Relations
Robert M. Young: Group Relations in a New Environment
Web Site Containing Robert Young's On-line Writings

Papers from the 1992 Psychoanalytic Week, New Bulgarian University, 14-15 April, 1992

Robert M. Young: 'Guilt and the Veneer of Civilization'
Robert M. Young: 'Psychotic Anxieties in Groups and Organizations

Writings of Professor W. Gordon Lawrence

W. Gordon Lawrence Won from the Void and Formless Infinite: Experiences of Social Dreaming
W. Gordon Lawrence
Centring of the Sphinx for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations

Writings of David Armstrong

David Armstrong: 'Making Absences Present: The Contribution of W. R. Bion to Understanding Unconscious Social Phenomena'
David Armstrong, Tavistock Consultancy Services
The Recovery of Meaning
David Armstrong
Names, Thoughts and Lies: The Relevance of Bion's Later Writing for Understanding Experiences in Groups
David Armstrong
Institution in the Mind

Reading Lists

W. R. Bion
Groups and Institutions
Racism and Virulent Nationalism




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